Things we have to look forward to in 2021 – from Eurovision to Tokyo Olympics

Following a year that excelled at being devoid of good news, 2021 has some excellent prospects on the horizon.

Yes, it may be tempting fate but let’s look ahead towards a much brighter future, and keep our hopes up that things keep improving.

A lot of things that were cancelled last year are back on the calendar and many common activities we used to take for granted, can slowly return to our lives.

After all, on this glorious (if slightly chilly) day in England, people can be found flocking to pubs and restaurants for an outdoor meal and drinks.

Many of us also have booked a visit to the hairdresser’s, after suffering some pretty dodgy barnets for the last few months.

As the days get longer and lockdown restrictions (hopefully!) continue to loosen, let’s see what we have to look forward to.

having a “spectacular” impact on preventing serious illness.

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Hundreds of thousands of “at-risk” people have been vaccinated, and the NHS is bang on schedule to deliver millions more jabs over the next few months.

Even a slight slowing down of the schedule hasn’t affected output massively, meaning there’s a good chance we can all expect to receive at least one dose of the vaccine this year.

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Due to the pandemic, lots of sporting events were postponed, much to the disappointment of everyone stuck at home.

But live sports are back! The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is now scheduled for July and is likely to turn everyone into armchair enthusiasts for a few weeks.

Other events include Euro 2020 (+1) in June, followed by Wimbledon in July, meaning copious amounts of strawberries and cream are on the horizon.


It feels like a long time ago that we were allowed to join a throng of people in a crowded room, sing loudly and dance without a care. Well, these things are (slowly) coming back and that means Eurovision is returning.

The hilarious song contest was postponed but organisers have pledged that it will happen this year, with the competition pencilled to begin on 18th May, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Queen turns 95

After a rather tough few months for the Monarchy, and the death of her husband Prince Philip, the Queen is set to celebrate a big birthday this month.

Queen Elizabeth II is already the longest-reigning monarch in British history, and on April 21 she will turn 95.


At this point, a staycation in the living room while the work laptop stays off would feel like a break for many of us. But it looks likely that we’ll be able to travel much further, although the exact details are still being ironed out.


Couples set to wed last year spent months tearing their hair out – but things are about to get better with restrictions set to relax.

And for those of us set to attend, we’re all really looking forward to watching our nearest and dearest get married after 12 months of being away from each other.

It’s fair to say that many of us would attend the opening ceremony of an envelope shop right now, but that’s not important.

Here’s to a summer full of love and joy….(fingers crossed!).

Spring and summer

Good things are just over the horizon, and the promise of excellent weather is one of them. The days are getting longer and the parks are bursting with life – just in time for a picnic with five of your mates.

Pubs and restaurants reopening

From today, pubs and restaurants have once again opened their doors to thirsty Brits. Things aren’t quite the same – you’ll need to dress up warm and follow the rules designed to keep us safe, but a freshly poured Guinness is on the cards once more.

No more Zoom drinks on the sofa, it’s woolly socks and gloves on for a drink down your local pub and a meal that you didn’t have to cook or wash up after. Dreamy.

Cinemas reopening

Ahhh the cinema, where you lose a few hours enrapt by a brilliant story. While many of us have watched a lot of television over the last year (far too much actually…), it’s fair to say that it’s not as fun as a trip to the cinema can be.

Disney Plus and Netflix certainly kept us satisfied, but there’s nothing like watching a proper blockbuster on the big screen – especially if it’s the new Bond.

June 21st – end of lockdown

There are just 70 days left until all legal limits on social contact are lifted if the lockdown plan doesn’t change.

And for many, that is a key date in the calendar – with the prospect of nightclubs reopening, and life seeming…a bit normal again? We live in hope.

As one person aptly joked: “So 21st of June is basically freshers week for the whole of the UK.”